This blog archives the things I’ve written about art, the moving image, digital culture, and blockchain that are available online. As might be obvious, it’s not in any particular order. It will get more chronological as I update.

Army of YouTube refers to the first text I posted here. Its premise: Faced with the awe-inspiring popularity of web-monoliths like YouTube, contemporary art risks becoming nothing more than a quaint relic of the 20th century…

Follow me on Twitter @: rosemheather. I occasionally say funny things.

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  • Jacob Rhodes says:

    Hi Rosemary,

    I like your writing. I recently curated a show in our artist run space here in new york, and wanted your opinion on it. here’s a link to the press release and images. We made a video as well, but it will be posted in a week or so.


    • Dear Jacob,

      Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I am not in NYC to see this show. I do like your idea that art is an extension of the “mysterious nature of our body’s wiring”. Especially makes sense when you think of how that wiring is so susceptible to abstraction.

      Thanks again for contacting me. I will look you up next time I am in NY.


  • tripmaker says:

    Hello Rosemary – iam trying to develope movie film , and looking how i found the name vasilly bourikas – i think he can help me with this – but i can not fine any email or facebook to contact him – do you have any ? Thanks

  • tripmaker says:

    My email is – st3reo@msn.com – thanks a lot

  • Rosemary! It’s been forever! Wishing to get you some press material about the West Baffin Eskimo Cooperative 60th anniversary. What’s the best way to transmit those details? Thanks in advance, Will

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